Growing up in the inner city of Chicago, at the Iba B. Wells housing projects and seeing no way out, Elijah Shaw decided to beat the statistics of his neighborhood by creating a new vision for himself.   Understanding his roots of where he come from, Elijah constantly questioned himself on whether he would be one of his deceased friends or a success story that his mother could be proud of. In search of what his future holds, Elijah was determined to continue his education and majored in Film,while attending college. Throughout his collegiate years and for the sake of survival, Elijah excepted a part-time job as a security guard at Riviera night club near his university.

Elijah training his students

Once he moved on from the security position and graduated from school, Elijah began pursuing a more serious and permanent role in security.  As times went by,  Elijah moved up the ladder only to conclude that he couldn’t grow professionally at the company, and so he quit his job to become an entrepreneur. Soon after, Elijah began his own successful security consulting firm, called ICON Global. Once his firm flourished, Elijah began building his clientele with a number of Fortune 500 Companies,  celebrities and political roster.

Elijah making preparations for a major concert event

In the mist of such great success, Elijah began exploring more on how, he would like to incorporate his services from his security firm to help himself and others , in search of fulfillment. When the answer finally came to Elijah, he began volunteering at different shelters that offered support services.  As he continued to volunteer on his down time, Elijah states:

“Every once in a while I would get phone calls from someone who needed my services and couldn’t afford the help. So I made a decision that I wanted to start giving back and that is when the idea came, that I wanted to focus on victims of domestic violence. From there I took my first step of calling around to volunteer at different shelters that offered support services. As I continued volunteering, I started to notice that the members of my staff witness first hand what I was doing and wanted to help as well. For this reason, the ISC safety-program was birth to provide pro-bono security services to women that are victims of domestic violence.”

Not only would Elijah go out and help, but now he had a full crew of security who continued  to help him and enjoy giving back, while fulfilling themselves and Elijah’s vision.

In conjunction with Elijah protecting his high Profile clients to helping domestic violence victims, he additionally started a website called Life Up There . The purpose behind this website came into fruition because of his love for film and photography. So instead of placing his photos in a sacred place, Elijah decided to promote his photography work by making the proceeds from the site go towards purchasing cameras for inner city youth to equip them with a means to a creative outlet.

While speaking to Elijah, not only was it a pleasure to speak with a man that has a drive for the greater good, but it was very humbling to learn that his passion to protect people had taught him to live life to the fullest in hopes to empower and inspire all the people he has helped.

Towards the end of the interview, I asked Elijah a few more question just about how he has changed as a   person since creating his career in security and what does he  want his legacy to be; this is what he said:

Elijah Shaw @Berlin Wall

“I’ve become more aware of cause and affect. Meaning always trying to stay aware of things that may happen and how to prevent them from become harmful to my clients and their brands. As far as my legacy, It would be the training component and giving back to people who are willing to learn more about this business  to succeed.”

I hope this story inspires you, just as much as I was inspired; and if you are interested or thinking of someday working with Elijah, check out this clip.

You can also follow Elijah on his social media page’s below:

Instagram: Sunsear

Twitter: Elijah Shaw

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