To be successful in life the key is to always push for what you want and most importantly look the part. To help men reach their goals and dreams to support their families Gerald Kersey and Jamael Thompson created a non-profit organization called “That Suits You” to help make those goals come into fruition.  While owning a suit may come easy to some men, their are many other men who struggle on a daily basis to even purchase one suit to help them push forward on landing that amazing job.

So to take matters into their own hands,  Gerald began giving away his very own suits from his own closet to give out  in his community, while steering and advising them in the right path as a mentor. Along the way while getting the help from his brother Jamael and family, That Suits You began growing into an empire that has become a force to reckon with.

In addition of  That Suits You gaining  success , not only have they helped and collaborated with many companies, but the non-profit empire has managed  to help over 1,000 young men to adult men with financial hardship not only to  land  jobs, but left them with more confidence and tips that will help carry them through their interviews and networking with others.


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