Becoming a lawyer for some people can be the ultimate goal and high, but to be that well-suited person that everyone is seeking to get help for Justice, guidance, beliefs and assistants is an art of Lawyering that many laws students have to master to succeed in the business of law.  Although many students go through the grueling process of becoming knowledgable  in their specific practice of law, numerous students still have to figure out their own path of success to either become partner or obtain their own law firm.

However, as many transition from school to licensed lawyers, many still need to learn some tricks and advice about the in’s and out’s of practicing law and to give Juicy Highlight readers some of these tips is Attorney Allison Cochran.  Amidst Cochran’s tenure, Allison’s area of expertise and practice has not only evolved to a focal point on administrative law, but a focus on business law, contract law, landlord/tenant Law, technology law and right down to over 10 years of experience in real estate law. Therefore, here are some of Cochran’s recommendation’s when asked about her experience in the field.

JH: How did you decide that law was the line of work that you wanted to get into?

AC: In high school as well as my first year of undergrad, teachers, professors and counselors have always made comments about how I sounded like a lawyer. For a long time, I was very adamant about not wanting to go into law. I spent a lot of time trying to prove everyone wrong, that law was absolutely not for me. Finally, while I was in my junior year of undergrad I gave into, what for most, has seemed like a natural ability of mine and I have not looked back.

JH: What were the steps you took to become a lawyer and how did you succeed?

AC: The first step is obtaining at least a bachelors degree. Next, sit for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) which is required to get into law school, when you are ready to apply to law school you will have to provide your LSAT score, college transcripts, a personal statement and letters of recommendation. How did I succeed? I asked for help. I received guidance from a organization that helps people gain admission into law school. I asked professors for letters of recommendation and I spent time working on my personal statement. I made a list of what needed to be done, along with a timeline and literally went down the list. And while all of this took time, the acceptance letters came!

Once in law school I had to figure out my learning style and quickly (even though I was successful in undergrad, I really did not know how to study). The whole law school process is where I really learned to ask for assistance when I was unclear on a particular topic. Once you truly figure out how you process information you can more effectively allocate your time. From that moment on it was piece of cake! Just kidding! Law school was a roller coaster full of highs and lows. The goal is get through it! Ask questions, join a good study group and do not give up!

Finally after graduating from law school comes the bar exam, determination was key for me. Bar exams currently are state specific and each states has it own requirements to gain admission to the state bar. Along with the bar exam, you are required to satisfactorily complete a character and fitness portion that typically includes a very thorough background check.

Through both law school and studying for the bar exam I asked for help and guidance! Remember teamwork makes the dream work!

JH: Once you officially became a lawyer, what did you learn along the way that has helped you, to be where you are today?

AC: 1) Be humble. I mean you did finish law school and pass the bar exam right?! True, however being humble is important. 2) Stay focused. I don’t spend time worrying about what people think of me or trying to impress others. 3) Know your worth. Know your worth and request to be compensated accordingly without going too far with the sense of entitlement. Sometimes no matter how good you are at what you do people will try and take advantage of you if you let them. 4) Be a sponge. Wait what?! I keep working and soaking up knowledge, you are never done learning.

JH: As a woman in the law field, did you overcome some difficult obstacles and if so what are some tips that you can offer, other young aspiring lawyers, as they continue to work towards their career in law?

AC: There will always be challenges, I think you have to decide whether they will make or break you. Even though it is 2015 there are still some people that don’t want to see woman at the table. There are still people that believe only certain people are capable of being effective. I don’t take these things personal, I don’t like them, but I don’t take it personal, why? I don’t have time to focus on or worry about fixing the perception others have. I have time to better myself and give back to the community. I recommend you have several mentors a mix of someone who looks like you and some that do not, their guidance is invaluable.

It is also really important is to do your best at everything, even the volunteer clean up you signed up for. You never know who is watching. When you are known for getting things done it can open up doors, it did for me.

JH: What is an every day motto that you live by that has kept you focused during the time that you may have wanted to give up ?

AC:  Work smarter not harder. No I do not take short cuts but I believe strongly in being as efficient as possible. This is good for both my clients and myself. This is especially true on my complex deals or issues and it makes them more manageable. I am thankful for even the little things, i.e. I believe in turning the negatives into a positive…it really could always be worse. Every day is a new day and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. I am happy, blessed and thankful to be living out my dream and I make sure to remember that everyday. Every high and low I have experienced and will experience in the future is shaping me into the person I need to be for my next challenge, whatever that may be.

Cochran has not only proven her worth by succeeding in her career, but in her personal life as well. She has greatly and truly influence so many people around her and because of her humbleness so many young aspired lawyers and friends value her beautiful spirit. So if you are interested in learning more about the woman behind the Cochran Law Firm,P.L., make sure to check out her website, along with her getting the inside scoop to daily law advise on her blog.

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