If you are a big fan of “The Wiz”, well you are in for a good treat! NBC has brought the live production of  The 1975 play to life during their prime time hour last night.  Not only was “The Wiz Live” the trending topic of the evening, but  it was a smash hit from the 70’s , that brought many people great memories from their youth, as they reminisced on where they were, when the original Wiz aired in 1975. Amongst all of the social media community conversations, “The Wiz Live!” also brought up unanswered questions, from the younger generation and to many non minority watchers.

So as a quick tid bit, here is why the trailblazing play “The Wiz” was originaly created, according to the National Museum Of African Americans:

“The Wiz” is groundbreaking for its adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), because its a tale that celebrates African American street style as both a unique subculture and an unapologetically American life. The song lyrics, script, sets, and costumes referenced and championed the struggles and triumphs of African Americans.

While becoming a groundbreaking play over 40 years ago, “The Wiz” featured some of the biggest stars of our time, such as: the late Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Stephanie Mill.  Even though, the initial version of The Wiz had some essential and memorable costumes, such as the Scarecrow and the Lion having an Afro, many little tweaks took place for the new and revamped Wiz, that aired last night.

Alongside Stephanie Mills returning to the play, but as Auntie Em, new celebrities face’s were introduced to carry on the legacy of the highly anticipated live show “The Wiz Live” as these characters. Some of the roster included: Uzo Aduba ( Glinda The Good), Queen Latifah ( The Wiz), Common ( The Bouncer), Elijah Kelley (Scare crow) , David Allan Grier ( The Cowardly Lion), Amber Riley (Adda Pearly), Shanice Williams (Dorothy Gale ) , Mary J. Blige ( Evillene) and Ne-Yo as  (Tin-Man).

Of Course , before the countdown to airing “The Wiz”, the cast had already begun promoting for the live production,  to call attention to a big part of our African American history. So while following the evolution of “The Wiz” for NBC, Juicy Highlights was able to cover the Apple Soho store series for The Wiz.  While the fans and press took their seats,  The series began with great  excitement from the crowd, because we were getting the exclusive from the actors and the Executive producers about the casting and the importance of being part of this project.

IMG_3931So here is a snipet of “The Wiz” coverage at the Apple store, which featured:  David Allen Grier, Ne-Yo, Shanice Williams, Elijah Kelley  , Film Maker Neil Meron and Jacque Reid As the Moderator.

Last but not least, if you missed the full episode from last night, click on the link below to check it out!

The Full Episode of “The Wiz Live ”

Updated info below:

For the first time ever the ratings not only shot up through the roof, but it scored  11.5 million views , which was in fact about 2 more millions views that Peter Pan! So congrats to everyone who collaborated on this project. ” The Wiz Live” ratings will officially be marked in the history books!

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