Earlier this morning, the long time leader of Cuba Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 due to natural causes, which was announced on the cuban television and reported via CNN this morning by Fidel’s brother and current President of Cuba Raul Castro.

As many Cubans celebrate the death of Fidel Castro, people are celebrating the significant change that will take place with the death of Fidel Castro’s legacy . Some of the ruling and laws that took place during the regime of Castro not only created a society of pain and suffering, it left many people hopeless along with the inability to foresee a brighter future for the country.


Since the national announcement, Cubans all over the world have come together to take the streets to march in celebrations of the death of a man that was cruel to his people. Here are few instagram post with the #Castrodead to check out below :

Cuba Libre! Fidel Castro dead!!

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