There is nothing like spending the day in New York City to learn and educated yourself! If you are looking for an educational day in the city , you should definitely check out the Discovery Museum !!!! Why? you ask, because the exhibits will totally blow your mind away! For example, the Vikings Exhibition, you will learn for the first time the authentic lifestyle of Vikings, their true love for exquisite and unique style in jewelry. You will experience interactive activities that demonstrates the Viking culture, lifestyle, daily farming and building their communities and also getting to test out the weight of an actual sword.

The second exhibit is for all you hard core Star Wars fan, you will get to check out the the most eccentric costume Asian influenced pieces from the first six Star Wars films; while getting to see the actual light sabors, princess Lea’s outfits to interactive games you will get to truly experience the world of George Lucas by truly getting close to all these key pieces from all the different films that you all have either seen on or off the screen . Once you have reached the end of the Star Wars Exhibit , you will get to see the most exciting part of the tour, which is an interactive area to become a fighting storm trooper.

Last but not least, the final exhibit that Juicy Highlights had a chance to visit was the Gunther Von Hagens’ Body Worlds Pulse Exhibit! That exhibit was awesome, you truly experience and witness what the inside of the human body looks like after the plastinattion process has taken place. Secondly, while walking and exploring through the exhibit , you will not only get to understand why it is important to start reflecting on how important it is to take care of yourself; but how maintaining a good health can help steer you in the right way to treat your body better. Although, sometimes we can’t control life, you will definitely leave the Body World exhibit amazed and knowledgeable. Check out the full video above of all Juicy Highlights adventure of all the exhibits !

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