Last night in NYC The POWER cast came out to CATCH NY to celebrate season 4 by speaking to the media about what to expect on the show. Although they didn’t want to give away any details about what happens in season 4, the media was able to ask what the actors have been up to during their hiatus break.  During the intimate press cocktail event, many of the press were able to mingle and talk to the cast to also answer some one on one questions to dig a little more. Of course, Juicy Highlights wasn’t able to get much dirt for you guys, but here are some pictures of the beautiful cast that made it along with the baby glow of Naturi!

La La Anthony and Naturi Naughton STARZ  (Photo by Randy Brooke/Getty Images)

Rotimi, Naturi Naughton and La La (Photo by Randy Brooke/Getty Images)

Lela Loren Photo by Randy Brooke/Getty Images)

Season Four picks up on the heels of James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s highly publicized arrest by his ex-girlfriend, Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela Valdes, for the murder of FBI Agent Greg Knox—a crime he did not commit. Ghost can’t outrun his past choices and mounting enemies this season, which threatens his freedom and his family’s safety at every turn. His fight for redemption brings him face-to-face with the Feds, the media, new allies, and old foes. But the biggest obstacle for Ghost remains himself and his internal struggle between the man he wants to be and the one he really is. Lastly, is  Angela really going to let Ghost go down for a murder he didn’t do or is she going to realize that she overreacted and that she should have had Ghost’s back all along?

Well only time will tell, so make sure to check out your local listing on Jun25th on Starz, but if you want a refresher or have never seen the previous seasons make sure to tune on June 24th for the full re-runs!


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