After spending the afternoon together, Grace (Merle Dandridge) and Darius (Rick Fox) share a kiss before parting ways. After their lips meet, Darius asks her if it’s on the record. Grace replies, “It’s on.” Her rash decision may have lasting consequences. Meanwhile Jacob (Lamman Rucker) learns that his new job at the church is only a ruse to hurt his father. Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) tells Jacob, “Son, you’re being used. Come home.” Under the cover of night, Gigi takes a baseball bat to Mac’s car, shattering his windshield. When Mac (GregAlan Williams) opens the door and runs downstairs, Gigi doesn’t stop, instead taking the bat to the hood and smashing out his passenger side windows. Check out some of the preview clips and let us know what you think in the next episode.

Grace and Darius Kiss

Jacob Learns The Truth About His New Job

 Gigi Bashes Mac’s Car

Will Gigi have repercussions? Will Grace and Darius keep it all on the record? Will Jacob stay at the church? Find out by tuning in for Greenleaf Episode 30! Catch full episodes and cast info on Oprah.

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