The art scene in New York thrives due to the love and admiration many have for it. Art not only speaks different languages, it’s a unique way to bare one’s soul and vision onto a canvas (or any other medium) for others to see. From sculpting to abstract, there’s a plethora of art from artists of different walks of life. For many of them, their practice of art is a form of meditation throughout life. One artist that has proven her ability of creating mesmerizing abstract art is Shenna Vaughn.

This Queens bred artist knew from a young age that she had a love for art. However for Shenna’s parents (like many others), art wasn’t considered a stable career, such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. “While growing up, my talent was never nurtured as a child.” Despite this, Shenna began to fall in love with art as a hobby or “something fun to do” and she slowly started to consider becoming an artist.SVManaquin

When Shenna began planning her career in college, she found herself feeling unfulfilled in different areas of her life. One day, God blessed Shenna with the beautiful surprise of becoming an aunt. This event propelled Shenna’s sister to ask her to create a beautiful mural in the baby’s room before their arrival. As she hesitated to pick up the brush, she decided to do it as a gift. When Shenna shared her story with Juicy Highlights, her eyes lit up and her smile came with such an ease as she described the freedom and the love of being lost in creating that mural. Shenna knew at that moment that art was her calling and sense of fulfillment. From that moment on, Shenna states: “I never looked back.”SVLadyred

In realizing that art is her purpose, Shenna had to figure out what kind of medium she could use to convey feeling, thought provoking images, and creativity. Shenna found direction through a college professor who encouraged and inspired her career as an abstract expressionist artist.

In addition, to deciding the type of art she was going to create , here are a few other questions that Juicy Highlights asked about her creative process, future goals and advice for other up and coming artists:
JHHow do you prepare for your creations and art?
SV:”I don’t have a traditional way of how I create. I’ll wake up with an idea, write it down and usually work through the night to fully express my thought to canvas. Or, I will create it right at that moment.”

JH: How do you come up with the names ?
SV:”Usually, I come up with the names of my painting when I am done.”Rainbow

JH:How long does it usually take you create a painting ?
SV:” About 3 days to 3 months, usually but it depends on the energy and space of my surroundings ”

JH:Where do you see yourself five years from now ?
SV:”A renowned artist, continuing to travel, create , share, and inspire. And (for) my work to be exhibited at the MOMA, Brooklyn Museum, PS1 and lastly, my own studio.”

JH:What advice would you give up and coming artists?
SV:”Don’t ever doubt yourself, don’t compare yourself to others, (and) continue to create. You have to put yourself out there and stick to your vision at the end of the day!”

JH:How did you get through your doubtful moment ?
SV:”The biggest step was continuing to create and not wear my feelings on my sleeves, which was one of my biggest lessons, especially when people tell you no.”

JH:When you have a gift, do you feel like you have to express it?
SV:”One of my goals is to create an experience for people to enjoy art and to understand it. ”

JH:What is it like to be an African American and a woman that is shopping her art around?
DoubleSV:”Hahaha, it’s definitely an adventure! As a woman and African American, you have to work twice as hard. But most importantly, standing for what I believe in when it comes to my art has made me stronger. I also started to give back by being open to helping others, which has opened up so many doors for me.”

JH:Who influences you as an artist?
SV:”Salvador Dali, who is know for his surrealism in his art, because there are so many intricate pieces.”

JH:Favorite quote?
SV:””I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.”  by Maya Angelou


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