OWN has not only struck gold with the new change to the on-air programming, but the ratings are skyrocketing through the roof and one show that has consistently done that, is “If Loving You Is Wrong” which is created, Executive Produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry.

‘If Loving You Is Wrong’, airing on Tuesday nights on OWN, landed not only  the number one spot last season but they received a total of 2.25 million viewers. The show will return for its 5th season that will unfold the turn of events that will leave a path of death and destruction. We will be given some more Juicy details of the extramarital affair that produced a love child between neighbors Alex (Amanda Clayton) and Randal (Eltony Williams) which awakens deep dark family drama that once unearthed can never be tamed.

Make sure you tune in on Tuesday, September 13th at 8/9c for the premiere episode, because Alex and Randal’s child is the victim of a mysterious kidnapping and Randal is left fighting for his life.

Check out the promo clip below:


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