The Oscars is the biggest night in Hollywood and the most anticipated night by all actors.  In case you missed what happened, here is a quick recap and what you most likely heard as the water cooler talk at your job!

The Oscars opened up with the talented Justin Timberlake performing his latest single, from the Troll’s soundtrack Can’t stop the feeling; which had everyone up on their feet with excitement to celebrate the special evening. Side bar: I will definitely say that was a great choice by the producers of the show to get just to open the show!

After, Justin performed he introduced Jimmy Kimmel to begin his monologue that many couldn’t wait to hear, because everyone wanted to see how far he was going to take the jokes when it came to President Trump.

After Kimmel’s Monologue there were many big wins of the night which included the top winners below:

Viola Davis: Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Fences  (sb: she gives the best speeches and you always find yourself crying and need a box of Kleenex ! I mean seriously Viola can you start teaching a class on how to give a proper speech! ) 

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Emma Stone : Best Lead Actress in Lala Land 

Mahershala Ali : Best Actor in a Supporting Role in Moonlight

Casey Affleck: Best Actor in a Leading Role in Manchester By The Sea 

As the winners were receiving their awards, one person who truly deserved the standing ovation that she received was Katherine Johnson. As she soaked in the acknowledgement, the cast of Hidden Figures , also took the time to bring awareness to her bravery and gave her the proper title that was well deserved, which in Taraji P. Henson words ” A true american Hero”.

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As the night continued , the most unexpected and humiliating moment took place, which will go down as the biggest flub in OSCAR history. The final award of the night, the Best Picture Award was completely announced wrong on national television by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. As this whole debacle  took place the star studded affair left everyone gasping in shock and disbelief that this mistake was actually happening in front of their very own eyes.

Although, this moment will go down in Oscar history as the biggest flub ,  I will have to say a great moment was taken away to the cast of Moonlight. Check out the full clip below.

You’ve got to admit after this whole incident, Steve Harvey is at home probably laughing this off! I know I would be lol.

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