Perez Hilton announced on his website  today that he has landed the lead role in the new musical, Full House: The Musical Parody  as Danny Tanner!!!!!

According, to US Weekly,  Perez announced the big news officially to Howard Stern, stating that

“I’m really excited to announce… It’s really exciting for me, I’m going to be playing Bob Saget, basically, in a musical!” Hilton explained on SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show. “There’s a new musical based on Full House called Full House: The Musical!… We’re starting in Toronto in late August and coming to New York City in September.”

“Yeah, I’m singing in it… I’ve been working with this amazing vocal coach named Liz Caplan for a few years,” the father of two continued. “It’s going to be off-Broadway in New York City at a theater on St. Mark’s Place. In Toronto, we’re playing a big theater, 500 seats!”


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