If you are a fan of all things Essence, well New Orleans was the place to be this past weekend to enjoy your 4th of July festivities. Known for its wonderful creole culture, live music, and their tasty Beignets from Cafe Du Monde, over 450,000 people flew into New Orleans this weekend to enjoy the Essence Music Festival experience by celebrating big! So, If you haven’t been to the Essence Fest, well come into the world of Juicy Highlights to find out what you missed and what you can expect to see if you decide after this article to plan your next trip for next year’s Essence Festival. Now, are you ready to find out what you missed?!! Well, then Juicy lovers continue reading and come along for the ride to check out the highlights!

After landing into New Orleans late Friday night/early Saturday morning at around 2A.M. CST , I was greeted to a line of attendees who just landed as well to wait for over an hour for taxis and/or Uber’s to pick them up to get to their hotels. After waiting over 30 minutes, I finally was able to catch an UBER to my Airbnb rental to begin my journey in the wonderful land of New Orleans. Once, I finally arrived at my destination, which was about 3 A.M. CST by then, I went straight to sleep to make sure I was at least somewhat rested for the long press day that I had ahead.  Once, I finally awoke to make my way to the New Orleans Ernst N. Morial Convention Center, I checked in with two wonderful women from Essence to get my badges for the press room. After finally finding the press room with assistance, since for some reason I never have a good sense of direction, lol, I began my journey and work to cover the latest exclusives hot of the press from some of your favorite celebrities that you live for! Now of course, for those who know me, know I live for Oprah and this year she made her first appearance ever at the Essence Music Festival and she totally did not disappoint! I also got a chance to capture some celebs partying it up in the VIP Essence Lounge and really enjoying their Essence experience. Now although, I didn’t have access to the VIP lounge( Maybe one day, Lol ) but I sure was scoping the scene enough to catch Naturi Naughton looking fabulous, Shaunie O’Neal dancing the night away during Mariah Carey’s performance,  Kim Whitfield and Joseph Sikora leaving completely wasted while laughing their butts off  from having a good’ ol time !!!lol  #Whatsagoodpartywithoutgettingwasted

By the way, you may be asking what the heck is the press room?!! Well, that is a room that is set up for only the media outlet, so that the actors, producers, entrepreneurs stop by to talk about their latest project and some exclusive information that are not publicly known yet so that journalist/bloggers like spread the work for your entertainment and or inspirational purposes! Ok, so back to what I was saying, lol. Some of the keynote celebs that I was able to speak to on Day 2 of press day were some were not only down to earth, but they were so fun to get to know and you also get to see a side of them that you don’t see when they are on your television screen. So here are some pictures and video of who and what I was able to capture during my mini New Orleans Trip! Also, stay tuned for updated article with video!

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