As we are approaching a new year, celebrity deaths is hitting Hollywood pretty hard with another Iconic actor dying because of heart issues. Per the announcement made by Carrie Fisher’s daughter, Fisher died early this morning at 8:55 A.M. The cause of her death was due to her heart attack she had from traveling from London four days before while on route to fly back to Los Angeles, California.

Known for her iconic role in star wars as Princess Leia, the actress also suffered a lot in her personal life by being open and honest about her addiction to alcohol and being bi-poplar.  As she continued, to become a spokes person for those causes, Carrie still managed to keep in good spirits in her down time by focusing on the positives of life and using humor to get through the dark times.

Carrie was survived by her daughter actress,  Billie Lourd,  which is currently part of the “Scream Queens” cast.

Here are some of the celebrities who are remembering Fisher below :


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