Written , Directed and Executive Produced by African-America visionaire Tangie B. Moore ” Hollywood Hearts ” has been chosen by BET to be part of their Fall season line up to air on October 8th ; which will feature Bobby Valentino as the lead, in his first acting debut in the film. Some other key celebs that are part of the film includes: Carl Payne, Lyfe Jennings, D.C. Young Fly, Walnette Santiago, Benzino and many more!

Along with being the lead actor in Hollywood Hearts, Valentino is one of the executive producers of the film that worked together with Tangie B Moore, Ric Atari , and Courtney Stewart to bring the story of his character to life. Hollywood Hearts will not only touches upon some of Bobby Valentino’s experience in the music industry, but the film will focus on a music artist who’s engrossed with his music industry lifestyle , while having trouble to stay committed to the woman that he is in love with. However, as the plot thickens  the story takes an unexpected turn when he looses  it all and begins to evaluate his life in the state that music can come and go but true love only happens once in a lifetime and has to figure out how to save that love from getting lost in the middle of the chaos.




So set your DVR and get the popcorn ready to indulge in Hollywood Hearts !

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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