How about that ! Let us rejoice for the queen herself Serena Williams on becoming the Sport Illustrated’s: Sport Person Of The Year! An iconic athlete in her own right, Serena Williams not only graces the cover of Sports Illustrated, but she dominates the world of tennis like no other.  Winning over 21 Grand slams and continuously staying on top of her game by ranking  as the #1 tennis player around the world, Serena was finally awarded the Sports Person Of The Year Sports Illustrated cover since 1983! Which makes you question, how long ago the last female athlete  received that honor along with who it was.  So as inquiring minds want to know,this is what I found out. According to the Huffington Post,  the last women to receive this honor was former track athlete Mary Decker, 32 years ago and before her it was former Tennis player Chris Evert in 1976! Ins’t that shocking ?!!! Well, for me it sure was and that is why I was extremely excited seeing this wonderful news breaking the internet!

An American treasure that she is, outside the court Williams proves more then ever that not only can she exceed her expectations as an athlete, but Serena consistently commits herself by giving back through her philanthropic work. Endlessly showing inspiring young girls to empower themselves through their goals, Williams takes pride in  reflecting her beauty, power and courage in everything that she does, to inspire them by redefining the meaning of girl power.

It’s been a long time coming for Serena to receive such a prestigious acknowledgement and so Williams took to Instagram to share the good news and this is what she had to say:

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