JuicyHighlights.com, which was established in April 2009, was created to entertain, enlighten and empower its readers while exploring new talent. Since then the site has expanded to include over 27 episodes featuring what’s current in the arts, culture, travel, and health; however music and entertainment remains as the foundation.

Creator and Executive Producer of JuicyHighlights.com, Stephanie Gergeres, founded the site to share her passion for television hosting and writing in the evolving world of entertainment journalism through her lens. Her extensive background in the entertainment industry has helped her become skilled at discovering new heroes, dreamers and over-all talented individuals like herself make a mark in their respective crafts.

JuicyHighlights.com is steadily becoming one of the top sites to discover what’s new in entertainment news. One of Stephanie’s goals for the site is to use its success and exposure to inspire and empower women to take control of their goals and dreams. She aspires to encourage them to expose their creativity and undiscovered talent.

Today Juicy Highlights TV currently airs on Brooklyn Public Network which reaches more than 1 million Brooklyn residents and 4,000 schools each year. Juicy Highlights and Stephanie Gergeres will soon become a household name.